Pearson Electronics, Inc.

  •         Company Description by ThomasNetCustom manufacturer of precision wide-band current transformers, high voltage pulse transformers and capacitive voltage dividers. Types of transformers include current transformers, current sensors, current monitors, current probes, clamp-on current transformers, toroidal transformers. Stocking inventory of several models for immediate delivery and custom designs are available. Attenuators, adapters, banana plugs and other accessories are sold. Value added services include calibration and testing services.Company Description by Pearson Electronics, Inc.SINCE 1955 Leading the Industry in current transformer products.Pearson Electronics has produced precision current-monitoring transformers since 1955. The Pearson design plus careful workmanship and quality control produce current monitors with excellent frequency response and amplitude accuracy. Originally developed for measuring pulse-currents, Pearson Current Monitors™ are now also widely used to measure more complicated transients and periodic signals from a few Hertz to well into the megaHertz region. Pearson Electronics has long been considered the market leader in the design and manufacturing of Wide-Band Current Transformers used for accurate AC current measurements. Pearson Current Transformers can measure transients, harmonics, pulse, sine-wave, RF and other complex current wave shapes. A frequency range from 0.7 Hz to 350 MHz is covered, with our most popular model covering 1 Hz to 20 MHz ± 3 dB. 1% accuracy, or better, is obtainable over the mid-band. The current range is More... from micro-amps to kilo-amps and we manufacture both toroid and clamp-on Current Transformers. We stock a large variety of models for immediate delivery and design and manufacture for both OEM and custom requirements. Pearson Electronics also specializes in the design of High Voltage Pulse Transformers that are used with high power microwave tubes and Capacitive Voltage Dividers. These transformers employ open construction and are intended to be used in high voltage insulating oil. Pulse output voltages range from 100kV to 500kV with pulse lengths from 0.25 to 50 microseconds. The Pearson Electronics Quality System conforms to MIL-I-45208A and AS9003. Less

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